Adventure Ten: Dance of Acamar

Part Three: Alliance with the Shadar-Kai

Approach gate of the City of Dead.

While trying to figure out the opening mechanism for the gate, attacked by waves of krenshar. Many stay to fight off the unnerving skull-cats, while struggling with the gate’s mechanic, arcane and religious locks and wards. Finally they open the lock’s casing, and Dharzon rams his hand through the vortex of necrotic energy to pull out the lock, raising the chains. Together, Alheck and Gavri’el leap up and pull down on the metal ropes, opening the heavy gate.

Step into the streets of the city, and discover two silent Shadar-Kai sentinels, who spot them and motion for them to follow. Lead to a domed temple, and greeted by one of the Kai, Eli.

Eli intends to persecute the party for thei attack on the Shadar-Kai in Sienna’s manor, but with soft words of diplomacy they convince him of their self-defense and of their intentions in Acamar. There seems to be a feeling of conspiracy as Eli agrees that something is not quite right, and tells them of his own suspicions.

Sienna did indeed enter the city days ago, and was taken to one of the Kai members, Volkanth, to be instructed on the ceremonies and rituals that would be necessary for becoming a Kai. However, since then, Volkanth has also disappeared.

Eli takes them to Volkanth’s chambers, a residence dedicated to astronomy, scattered with telescopes, astral charts and stellar devices. By examining the telescopes, Alheck tilts the lenses and pushes one into the moonlight, catching it’s beam and sending it scattering around the room until it lands on a wall, illuminating it and revealing hidden script upon the previously blank wall. A map, detailing landmarks of the wasteland can be spotted, involving the city metropolis, the mountain ranges, a chained dragon and a faced carved into a hillside.

Prior to heading out into the wastes to search, the group take Eli’s offer of lodging. Before heading to sleep, Alheck and Dharzon take a moment to pray at the shrine to Ahura Vairya, feeling a little uncomfortable with the four-eyed hound’s aspect illuminated by a crescent moon instead of the customary blazing sun. Soft paws pad around the room, as a hound approaches them, sitting in front of the altar. It beckons them with its gaze, which astonishingly, comes from four, real blinking eyes, not mere painted slits that the priests adorn their dogs with in Avesta. The warlock and cleric each pet the hound, placing a palm on its brow. The canine barks happily before padding away.

Aych has his recurring nightmare. As he flees from the falling storm of bloody slugs, he stumbles into a dark wood, and comes across the face of a mournful old man, carved into the side of a hill. Out of its mouth rises a crimson tome, dripping with its bloody script.

Exit the city, and follow the orientation of the moonscript map to find the carved hillside amongst a forest of charred wood. Cautiously approaching, dark figures leap from around crumbling statues, stabbing with flaming blades. The group focus their fire, blasting away the lurking warriros, before the hillside’s mouth spews up a flying harrier, a pallid white and gaunt hippogriffin that swoops down, grasping with bony talons. Grappling hooks wrap around the carved lips of the engraved face as robed lackeys haul themselves up and assail Dharzon, smacking him with clubs. Striding on ethereal winds, the warlock rips their mortal coils apart and blinks away through the portals of fey.

The heretics last only moments more as the combined strikes of the party blitz through the remaining sorcerous beings. The only threat left, now lurks in the darkness of the open maw of the man in the hillside.

Group XP: +718 xp (11,680 total)

Gold: +240 (5,690 total)




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