Hadaad the Ironfist

Blacksmith, low lvl Warlord (heroic)


Hadaad is able to craft metal magic weapons and armour up to level 10.


For many years Hadaad has been forging weapons, armour, and implements for tools and trade for the people of Avesta. While most of his craftsmanship is simple, sturdy and reliable design, many customers claim to have glimpsed items of extreme beauty and artisanship hidden behind heavy cloths at the back of his storefront. His behaviour is gruff when he tempers steel, but he shows genuine joy at the sight of training youths, overseeing the next generation of protectors of Avesta.

A keen supporter of the city’s defenses, like most Kshatrath, Hadaad built a training course behind his own store for the youth of Avesta to practice their martial skills and train their bodies. Most warriors would have visited the training ground at one stage of their life, whether or not they ended up seeking more elite training at the Sacred Flame, or the Satarr Mu’izz.

Martial PCs will no doubt have met Hadaad when they used his training grounds, or when they have purchased equipment from him. He is the mentor to Sebastian, and distantly related to Dharzon.

Hadaad the Ironfist

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