Sahireen the Warden

Abjurer, mid lvl Wizard of the Spiral Towers (paragon)


A lecturer and expert in wards and banishing magical energies, Sahireen has been a protector to many of her collegues when they attempt to commune with beings from other planes. She aided the party in their investigations into Crisis Energy, but you are unsure whether or not it was Sahireen who brought accusations of the Kshatrath practising necromancy to the Sacred Flame.

Rumour : The raven haired beauty was once married to a powerful conjurer, but tragically her wards were not strong enough to contain an unknown entity the pair chose to summon. The beast slashed at Sahireen, clawing out her left eye, and captured her husband, dragging him to whatever ungodly plane it came from, to torture til the end of time.

Sahireen the Warden

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