Elika nas'Kheir

Level 12 Dreadnought



Born into a life of wealth and privilege as a child of a well known merchant family, Elika knew only happiness during the formative years of her life. She attended the finest schools and was firmly ensconced within the highest social circles. However despite the affluence which surrounded her, she, like many others of the general public, was oblivious to the fact that the nas’Kheir family were slowly crumbling under the weight of debts accrued by her father due to his out of control gambling.

She awoke one morning in a cage far away from her home in Avesta. There, it was explained to her that her father had sold her to child slavers in order to repay a substantial loan. She had been drugged the previous night and her disappearance blamed on kidnappers. She was sold to a bandit gang to serve as their cook and cleaner not long after at the age of 12.

She was fortunate that she was treated well by the bandits, who despite their illegal activities possessed their own noble code of honour. In exchange for her services she was taught how to defend herself with a blade, and soon came to regard the gang as a family of sorts. Four years after she had been sold into slavery, the bandits were all but wiped out in a raid gone wrong. The few remaining survivors chose to disband the group, and Elika was given her freedom.

With no desire to return to the family that abandoned her, Elika ventured out into the world of Avesta as a soldier of fortune.


Deceptively fragile at a height of 5’3" and a slim yet athletic frame, Elika is a physical powerhouse, capable of wielding large weapons and heavy armour with ease. She has pale blonde hair and dark green eyes, and bronzed fair skin hidden behind hardened steel. Elika is rarely seen out of her plate mail and is constantly ready for combat, knowing it can be lurking around the corner at any time.


Elika is largely professional and uninterested in the lives of others. She works with other adventurers only as a means to an end – that end typically being wealth or treasure. Elika is typically expressionless with a no-nonsense attitude, but at times shows bemusement at amusing or ironic situations. Though a loner, she will often stick with a certain group if it turns out to be particularly profitable or interesting. She considers her impatience one of her few character flaws, and is prone to kicking down doors.

Elika nas'Kheir

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