Gavri'el the missing PC


Name: Gavri’el (Hebrew for ‘happy blessed warrior’) Level/Class: Lvl 9 Ranger Total EXP: Race/Size: Veira (Elf) – Medium Humanoid Gender/Age/Height/Weight: Male, 22 years, 6’ 0’’, 72 kg Alignment: Good Languages: Common, Veira Speed: 7 squares Vision: Low-light

  • Strength: 12 +1
  • Dexterity: 20 (including +2 racial) +5
  • Constitution: 14 +2
  • Intelligence: 11 +0
  • Wisdom: 17 (including +2 racial) +3
  • Charisma: 10 +0
  • Initiative: +11 (+5 (dex) +2 (quickdraw) +4 (Half Level),
  • Hit points: 12 (14 Con) 40(Lvl 9) = 66 hp,
  • Healing Surges: 6 + Con(2) = 8
  • Armour Class: 10 + 5(Dex) + 3(Hide) + 4(lvl) +2(magic) = 24
  • Fortitude: 10 +2(Con) +4(lvl) +1 (class) +2(amulet) = 19
  • Reflex: +10 +5(dex) +4(lvl) +1 (class)+2(amulet) = 22
  • Will: 10 +3(Wis) +4 (lvl)+2(amulet) = 19
  • Attack bonuses
  • Melee – Longsword/ Shortsword +8 (+3 Prof, +4 Half Level +1 Strength)
  • Dmg – 1d8+1, 1d6+1
  • Ranged – Swiftshot Superior Crossbow ‘Venegeance’ +2 = +15 (+3 Prof, +4 Half Level, +5 Dex +2 Magic +1 Expertise)
  • Dmg – 1d10+9 (+5 Dex +2 Magic +2 Bracers of Archery)
  • 2 At Will Powers: Nimble Strike; Twin Strike
  • 3 Encounter Powers: Evasive Strike; Disruptive Strike; Biting Volley
  • 3 Daily Attack Power: Hunter’s Bear Trap; Spitting Cobra Stance; Attacks on the Run
  • 2 Utility Powers: Yield Ground (enc.), Weave through the Fray (enc.)

Class Features: Fighting Style:(Archer Build)- Defensive Mobility, Hunter’s Quarry +1d6, Prime Shot

Racial Features Skill Bonuses: +2 Nature; +2 Perception, Wp Prof: longbow; shortbow, Fey Origin, Group Awareness, Wild Step, Elven Accuracy

  • Trained Skills:
  • Nature: +3(Wis) +4(Lvl) +2 (racial) +5 (trained) +3 (googles) = +14 (+16 for monster knowledge)
  • Athletic: +1(Str) +4 (Lvl) + 5 (trained) – 1 (hide) = +9 (+10 w/out hide)
  • Acrobatics: +5(Dex) +4(Lvl) +5(trained)-1 (hide) = +13 (+14 w/out hide)
  • Perception: +3(wis) +4(Lvl) +2(racial) +5(trained) = +13
  • Stealth: +5(dex) +4 (lvl) +5(trained) -1 (Hide) = +13 (+42 w/out hide)
  • Thievery: +5(dex) +4(lvl) +5(trained)-1 (Hide)+2 (Thieves Tools) = +13 (+14 w/out hide)(+2 extra for disarm and pick lock)
  • Insight: +3(wis) +4 (lvl) +2 (magic) = +9
  • FEATS:
  • 1st Level: Quickdraw (draw as part of attack action, +2 init)
  • 2nd Level: Sneak of Shadows (Thievery, 1/enc sneak attack +2d6)
  • 4th Level: Retrained (at 7th lvl) – Weapon Expertise (Crossbow)
  • 6th Level: Retrained at 9th Lvl) – Wood Elf Agility
  • 8th Level: Slaying Action
  • Equipment:
  • Longsword 4lb
  • Shortsword 2lb
  • Summoned Hide armour +2 25lb
  • Swiftshot Superior Crossbow +2 4lb
  • Standard adventurer’s kit 33lb
  • 3 quivers of bolts 6lb
  • Thieves tools 1lb
  • 1 Potion of Healing
  • Gloves of Piercing Lvl 3, (Daily, minor action, for the encounter, ignore any resistance of 10 or lower)
  • Safewing Amulet +2 (Lvl 8, reduce distance of falling by 10ft for calculating damage, always land on feet from fall. +1 Ref/Fort/Will)
  • Calaphasia’s Visor (Googles of Bone Collector)
  • Bracers of Archery (+2 to damage rolls with bow and crossbow)
  • Boots of the Fencing Master
  • Gold 150gp Total weight 75lb

Physical Description: At 6’0’’, Gavri’el is a tall elf, lean and muscular his skin colour is a ruddy brown, clearly indicating the long days he has spent beneath the unrelenting sun of the Navarre Dune Sea. His long black hair has been matted by the dust and heat of this region and become a nest of lank dreadlocks which hide his face. His eyes are pinpricks of green light in an otherwise shadowy and sunken face, they look out upon the world warily but determinedly, yet behind them is the faint trace of fear.

Gavri’el is disfigured however. His right hand is missing its index and middle fingers, his left ear is mangled and the left side of his face is a network of scars and burns which continue down his neck, all results of the injuries he endured in captivity.

Over his hide armour, he wears a myriad of cloaks and scarves made from a light fabric, used by those who travel the Dune Sea. Most times, he keeps these scarves up over the scars that mark his face, and when the wind picks up, his clothing billows out like great sails. Up close, it is impossible to miss the veritable arsenal Gavri’el has equipped himself with. Strapped to the outside of both legs are quivers of crossbow bolts, with the crossbow itself swinging from its belt hook at his side. Across his back is slung both a longsword and a shortsword, fitted neatly underneath his cloaks. Few people however, notice the daggers strapped to the insides of his forearms. This is an elf who prepares for the worst, because he knows how bad the worst can be.

Overall, Gavri’el’s appearance gives the unnerving impression of an individual who has become wild like his surroundings. Dangerous like an untamed animal, his moral compass is hard to understand, skewed as it is by the trauma and loss of past events. Those who know him, quickly understand his heart is good, and that like everyone, he is only mortal.

Background: Gavriel is a bitter elf. He used to be in the Ranger Corp of the Veira, around 9 months ago he was one of the few sent to ‘monitor’ the Prince in his exile. His shadowing took him deep into the Dune Sea south of Avesta, but as the first few months passed, he lost contact with his fellow rangers as well as his quarry. Soon it became clear to him, that it was in fact he who was being hunted. Foolishly thinking his skills would protect him, he was unperturbed, but one night about 2 months into his mission, they came for him, and the nightmare began.

What his unseen captors put him through he no longer wants to remember. For four weeks he endured this nightmare, surely he would have died there, if not for the sudden departure of his captors from their hideout where he was held. They left him behind to die, and over a number of days he managed to escape his cell, gather together left-over food and emerge into the evening sun of the Dune Sea. Not knowing his location, he futiley traveled north, by the third day he was weak beyond belief, without food and fast running out of water, his luck turned. He walked into the path of a train of merchant caravans heading towards Avesta. As the outriders approached, Gavri’el managed to force a single word from his blistered lips before he slipped into unconsciousness. ‘Japal’.

It was the name of his father’s buyer in Avesta, a seller of exotic goods, and it saved his life. The merchants knew of Japal, and unsure as to how this vagabond knew her, they resolved to take him to her. His next memories were of waking in Japal’s residence in Avesta, alive and safe at last. This was the beginning of a different life for Gavri’el, one no longer restricted by delusions of authority and his first thoughts turned to his captors and his captain and lover, Aurelie Feathermoon. Gavri’el had been left for dead by her, despite her assurances of love and trust. If their places had been reversed he would have come for her. He knew he could not return to Nithaan and take up his previous life. If he ever returned, he assumed the Veira would officially state that he was never sent on any monitoring mission, that he never enlisted in the rangers. Furthermore Aurelie would almost assuredly maintain this position, her career and marriage to Isian, a rising diplomat and warlord, being more important than his affair with her. He had believe in the comrarderie or the Rangers, in trust and loyalty to authority. But not anymore. Gavri’el knew his head was the only head thinking right in this world now and he would do things his own way from now on. Never again would he presuppose that his skills as a Ranger were enough. He would exact venegeance on all of them, but he would be prepared. He would hone his skills until he was what a Ranger should be, good, implacable and loyal. For now Gavri’el was content just to try and piece his life back together.

For about 3 months, Gavri’el stayed in Avesta, Japal becoming a close and trusted friend. He had never really noticed her on his journeys to Avesta with his father when he was an adolescent, but now, her generosity and care towards him made him truly indebted to her. As he acquainted himself with the city he also discovered that his childhood friend, Duran had migrated to Avesta with his father to establish a popular acrobatic troupe, one which often performed at festivals and parties for the nobility. It seemed that this city was not so strange to him after all. However, when Duran offered a position in his acrobatic troupe to Gavri’el, it snapped him out of his reverie and focussed his attention on what he really wanted. Venegeance.

It was clear to Gavri’el that the adventuring life was the only real way he would be able to develop his skills in the way he desired. No simple mercenary job would suffice. Yet in the last 3 months of his adventuring, he has realised that he can never hope to master his skills as a ranger without the aid of comrades. Alone, the treasures of deep dungeons and the hidden hoards of ancient crypts are beyond him, and so in recent weeks he has spent his time seeking out comrades with whom to travel with. His current search has landed him in the wilderness surrounding Luca, on a small assignment to keep the money coming in.

QUICK LIST OF NPC’s: Mother – retired acrobat, living in Nithaan. Father – retired merchant, travelled to Avesta once/twice a year with Gavri’el throughout his adolescent years, living in Nithaan. Aurelie Feathermoon – young Ranger captain, had a year long affair with Gavri’el before his mission to shadow the Prince. Isian Feathermoon – married to Aurelie, rising diplomat and inspiring leader, unaware of previous affair. Japal – trader in exotic goods in Avesta, long-time buyer of Gavri’el’s father, middle aged, beautiful, mysterious and caring. Has become a pillar of support for Gavri’el. Duran – childhood friend, now in acrobatic troupe in Avesta, delves into thievery as well – sometimes during his performances in noble houses, and may be part of a thieves guild. Captors – Gavri’el might only have a clue or two as to who these people might have been, but he is constantly on the lookout for any possible connection that may give rise to them.

POSSIBLE PLOT HOOKS 1. Isian is sent to Avesta as a contact with a major guild, or diplomat to noble house or government. Aurelie comes along, now the faithful wife, and suddenly Gavri’el’s betrayer is in the same city as him. 2. Unknown to Gavri’el, Aurelie fell pregnant soon after he left on his mission. When he finally comes to face her, full of venegeance, she carries a baby in her arms that, although it is hard to be certain, seems to have a few characteristics of his own. Does he continue with his bloody intentions, or stay his hand because Aurelie may now be the mother of his child? 3. Continuing on the baby strain, Aurelie does not reveal to Gavri’el that the baby is dying from a blood condition. Isian, consumed by grief, and believing the childto be his, has resolved to save his life no matter the cost, calling upon the skills of a necromancer, bringing with it the requirements of sacrifice and murder. Does Gavri’el stop what is plainly evil, or allow Isian to save the child that may be his own?

Mannerisms: (questions taken from the PHB)

Why did you decide to be an adventurer? Was captured by retainers of the Prince and left for dead. Disenchanted by the Veira society.

How did you acquire your class? In training within the jungles of Nithaan as a Veira Ranger.

What’s the worst event of your life? The month of his capture, the torture and abuse meted out to him by the henchmen of the Prince.

What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you? Being designated to follow the Prince as part of a hand picked group of Rangers & his affair with the Captain of his Corp, who claimed to love him, yet left him for dead and didn’t come after him. Do you stay in contact with your family? Not seen them since his departure, were proud of his position.

Alignment: Good – whilst before his incarceration at the hands of the Prince’s henchmen, he was lawful good, believing strongly in the preservation of law and righteousness, now he is not so sure, having been left to fend for himself. His existence is an awkward moment for his superiors who might no longer recognize his enlistment in the rangers that were sent to track the Prince. Gavri’el is embittered towards them and whilst he is in favour of good, he is also in favour of revenge even when it may not be merited. He is the kind of person who goes after people who may be unrescuable, because he was in that situation before. Equally he won’t bother saving someone whose given up on someone in the past… he can be callous and generous.

Personality: – How do others perceive you in social interactions? Dour. He wishes to see an example of someone’s intelligence/skill/kindness before he accepts them as such. He is unimpressed by those who boast, even if they rightly do so. He once looked up to his superiors but they left him for dead, so authority no longer means ‘right’ for Gavri’el.

At the same time however, he believes there are innocents in the world, and he is open to acts of kindness towards children and those in poverty without being asked to do so.

How optimistic are you? Grim – its stereotypical but he is very much a ‘the police ain’t gonna do shit’ kind of guy. If someone needs help, they need to take matters into their own hands – and that involves getting Gavri’el to help, then so be it, because chances are the authorities aren’t. He doesn’t rely on others, but is optimistic about his own abilities to help others.

How trusting are you? Selective – He is trusting of children who he believes are innocent and should never be involved in conflicts. He is distrusting of those in power and those who make promises. Once someone commits an act of heroism or pulls through on a substantial promise he is convinced however and will rarely question their intentions, unless it is odd.

How assertive are you at a decision point? Impatient – He will state what he thinks and say he believes everyone are idiots if they don’t do what he says but he will not assume that everyone is the same mind as his. He will be pissed off if people don’t take his advice but he is not the ‘Commanding’ type who tries to speak for everyone.

How conscientious are you about following rules? Disregarding – Rules are rules, but Gavri’el has generated a strong set of ethics to work by, and after tailing the Prince on his own, being left for dead and having to use his own wits, he has confirmed that his way of thinking is better for him than any set of ‘rules’ or ‘laws’ someone else has made up. He will follow when needed but he will break them as soon as there is a quicker path to a goal. This includes murder if he believes someone is deserving of death.

How empathetic are you? Stern – towards adults. He has no empathy whatsoever with cowards and those who have bailed out on their friends, to the point where not only will he not help them, but if the act of betrayal is so great he may take matters into his own hands even if he was not previously involved.

Protective – towards children. Children are a blank slate waiting to be carved upon and he does his best to shield them from bad effects. Bringing children into a conflict is one of those things that will set him off on the ‘taking matters into his own hands’ thing mentioned above

How courageous are you in dire straits? Steady and Angry – He will not back down from a fight for standing up for something or someone. If he is in a real lot of trouble he may just get pissed off at himself that he got into this situation but he’ll take it on the chin, a ‘bring it’ attitude.

How do you feel when faced by setbacks? Vengeful – Gavri’el does not suffer fools, and delays infuriate him. However, he does keep a lid on it, he does really really really want to get back at his Veira captain that left him for dead but he will not do so immediately. He is happy to wait for that one as long as he has to.

How are your nerves? Restless – whilst he keeps everything in check, he is itching to get things done, always uncomfortable around authorities.

What Does Gavri’el Think About His Companions? Elika:- Gavri’el respects Elika’s martial skills. She appears uninterested in the personal lives of her travelling companions and that suits Gavri’el fine. He likes her no-nonsense attitude but certainly sees her only as a professional adventuring partner, not as a friend.

Sebastian:- Gavri’el abides the warlord. He finds his loudmouth attitude abrasive, easily landing the party in more trouble than good. Yet Gavri’el grudgingly accepts that whilst he doesn’t get or like the warlord, common people do – and that’s an asset.

Dharzon:- Gavri’el likes the scattered Dharzon. He finds his powers disturbing but is quietly impressed by the way Dharzon hides a razor-sharp mind behind an outwardly ungainly appearance. For all his time in the Fey-wild, it seems that Dharzon’s mind has only turned to more diabolical and potent combinations of forbidden magic. A dangerous individual and potent ally.

Al’heck:- Gavri’el acts strangely around Al’heck and does not wish to reveal too much to the fellow Veira. Gavri’el’s natural dourness means that more often than not, he is curt and surly to the fellow Elf, preferring to keep his feelings of Veira society to himself. But sometimes, abruptly he will change attitude to the cleric and act more like a fellow Veira – its hard to hate the guy who mends your wounds…

Hidnaan:- Gavri’el dislikes the Eladrin rogue. From all his experience with him he appears utterly selfish. Hidnaan does seem to share a fierce independence like Gavri’el, but the prospect of reward seems to be all he lives for – which Gavri’el despises. In adventuring, Gavri’el pays little heed to the rogue.

Aych:- Gavri’el accepts but does not trust the sorcerer. There’s too much schizo shit going on with that tiefling to be good and Gavri’el would not be surprised if, in the future, he found himself dodging arcane bolts of power when Aych finally snaps…for now though, Gavri’el is confident his perpetual fear will stop Aych doing anything too diabolical.


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