Al'heck Niet

Al'Heck was raised in the city until his folks decided that life would be better in the homeland. Al'heck didn't appreciate this almost hippy like tree-change, and soon returned to Avesta.


Al’Heck Niet Level4 +1 perc to allies within 5 Elf Cleric Ignore diff terrain on shift Init: +5(+7)

Str 11 0 Dex 16 3 Con 12 1 Health: 39 Int 10 0 Bloodied: 19 Wis 19 4 Surge: 9 Cha 14 2 Surges: 8 Remaining: 4

AC:19 12+3+3+1 +2 vs first attack (item) and OA (feat) Fort:15 12+1+2 Ref:17 12+3+2 Will:20 12+4+2+2

Feats: Warrior of the Wild Jack of all Trades Defensive Mobility

Powers: Lance of Faith Sacred Flame Beacon of Hope Divine Glow Shield of Faith Command


Al’heck was raised in his early years in the great oasis city of Avesta. However his parents were unsatisfied with life in the city, and eventually decided that life would be better with the homeland, living in the trees with the tribes of Nithaan.

This hippy like treechange was a shock to Al’heck. Having lived in the city his whole life, living in the woodlands of Nithaan seemed crude and feral. He endured, however, and was accepted into the tribe and trained in their way of life: how to live off the land, how to disappear oneself into the surroundings, and to hunt game using a bow (a skill he found he had a natural talent for). Eventually he undertook the ritual to begin training to become one of the tribe’s shamans.

However, through all this, Al’heck’s thoughts were always set on Avesta. He longed to return to the great city in which he was raised. And over the years his patience grew thin, and not long after his induction as a Shaman, he left the tribe to return to the only place he’d ever really though of as home.

Al'heck Niet

Avesta Alheck