Friend of Gavri'el, purveyor of exotic goods


A native of Avesta, Japal is somewhere in her early 30’s and was the prime buyer of Gavri’el fathers wares on his trips to Avesta. Those days are past and Japal had not seen Gavri’el for 6 years when he was brought to her delirious by traders who had come across the Navarre Dune Sea. She is considered attractive but ‘human’, meaning her beauty is far from being the subject of bard’s songs.

Her home became Gavri’el’s home for some time, and he learnt that she was quite in tune with the goings-on of the city, indeed her knowledge hinted at connections through the city, but whenever pushed on the matter her eyes simply twinkle as she gives a rueful smile of confidence and quips such as ‘there are things other than exotic trinkets that bring in gold’. Eventually Gavri’el left to hone his skills and seek revenge – on his parting Japal retrieved an elaborate crossbow from the rear of the store and gifted it to him – its drawstring magically enchanted so as to instantly redraw, ready for a swift second shot. Humbled, Gavri’el swore to repay the debt and more, if ever called upon and disappeared into the night…


Avesta Gavriel