Your powers are at a stage where you can really pick and choose where you want to go now, and I imagine some of you are eager to grasp onto a type of power that your character truly deserves. That, and I think everyone appreciates having something in their possession that has a name and history, rather than just being a ‘Longsword +3’ or ‘Amulet of Protection +2’.

If you want to see some existing item sets, they’re all in the Character Builder, check out the ‘Shop’ under the Item Sets tab.

Obviously, they would be comprised of many parts, ranging from 2-5, and taking slots such as body, feet, hands, arms, neck/back, head and waist.


Cosmic Sigils: There exist in the world the symbols with which Ahura Vairya created the world from. These embody the perfection and essence of the elemental attributes. It is thought, that through mystical rituals, those that have found these sigils and gazed upon their form, can mark their bodies and imbue their bodies with some small piece of the original symbol’s power. Hellfire, Rimestorm, Thundersquall and other Cosmic Sigils have been branded on great heroes throughout the ages. They confer different properties depending on which part of the body they are ‘tattooed’ on.


The Veil (‘cloth’ armour): These seeds of chaos energies can be moulded into protective auras and amplifiers by those adept at controlling wild magics. Not armour in the strictest sense, but instead these beads emit swirling maelstroms of entropic power that surround the wearer, covering different parts of the body. The Veil enhances the effects of wild magic sorcery.

Calamity Trigger (staff): The backbone of Bael Turath, a powerful yazata of Asha Vahista. Bael was twisted by Angra Mainyu and had been corrupted in secret, planning to betray his Amesha Spenta master; however, Asha Vahista saw through Bael’s lies and deception, and consumed him in fire. All that remained of the demigod was his spine, which Vahista cast out into the desert. Who knows what power could be awakened in the bones of a divine being?


Glänzende Nova (plate armour): Legend tells of a warrior unmatched in the arena. Hilde of the High Steppes never fell or yielded to any opponent, and wandered the world seeking new challenges to satisfy her drive. No beast on earth could defeat her, and despondent, she turned her eyes to the chaotic planes and the Astral Sea. Two different versions of this myth remain; one states that Ahura Vairya welcomed her to his angelic legions to fight the endless war against the daeva, while another maintains that Hilde fought her way to the depths of Hell until she became a demon pit fiend herself. Both legends however agree that when she passed from this mortal realm, her armour was left behind at some forgotten temple. The Nova plate shines brightly, drawing foes towards it, while granting the wearer the power to ensure submission.

Sussuruss (Dreamstone bastard sword): The sword whispers to Elika in her dreams, recounting stories of the battles it has savoured, the blood it has shed. It speaks of times gone by, when it was stronger. Sussuruss pines for the ancient days, when it was known as the Abyss Feeder.


Medraut’s Weave (leather/hide): The mantle of an Archfey of old, this suit of spidersilk entwines the wearer with the energies of the shadow and fey. It was lost at the Battle of Camlaan when Medraut fell to his father’s blade, but so great was his cry of anguish on defeat, the Archfey’s body and armour were scattered across the realm and between planes. It is rumoured that part of the Archfey’s soul still resides in the Weave, and would grant great power to those who can speak the eldritch tongue of the feywild.

Kalifah (rod): This gnarled rod of ash and yew twists around a horned three-inch spear tip of cold iron. Taken from the enterprising merchant Jhaarkin, it has been an constant companion to the warlock Dharzon Hezbhorg. Like it’s owner however, Kalifah seems incomplete, as if it has forgotten its own past. Who knows what memories it will unlock in the future?


Radiant Shroud (cloth/leather): These vestments hold many names, such as ‘The Walking Church’, ‘Feather of Light’ and ‘Maker’s Resolution’. It is more important to know what it is, rather than what it is named however: the robes of the prophet Zoroaster’s first disciple, Yannis. As the first Keeper of the Silver Flame after Zoroaster passed on from this world, Yannis is remembered fondly as the one who oversaw and curated Avesta so it could blossom into the desert jewel it is today. His body was entombed beneath the Cathedral of the Sacred Flame, along with his Shroud, however these vestments have been missing from the catacombs ever since the Viera attempted to kidnap the Vahman bloodline. Ignis, Executor of the Sacred Flame, has spoken on occasion that she aims to retrieve it, but has given no hint as to where her search has taken her.

Ahura Vairya’s Will (holy symbol): Not a typical holy symbol made from silver or wood, the Will is a single drop of ichor, or divine blood. When Angra Mainyu attempted to usurp the Throne of Creation from Ahura Vairya, the Creator of All allowed his brother to strike him once, hoping it would calm the Lord of Destruction and save the need for the endless conflict that would eventually take place. From this blow, Ahura’s blood rained down onto the world. These drops of ichor are highly sought after artefacts, and infuse divine glory and power to any who possess them.


Aegis of Orthinus (mythril chain/scale): The Sentinels of Nithaan are well known for their skill, ability and ruthlessness in defending the treetops of the elven jungle. Orthinus, the first Sentinel Captain, was a slayer without peer, and also known for his confidence and arrogance. When an evil flight of black dragons stirred from the Deep Marshes of the jungle to threaten the canopies of Nithaania, Orthinus commanded his Sentinel troops to stand back and let him fight them alone. The Captain slew seventeen dragons single-handedly, almost completely decimating the black black Dragonflight, finally falling under the raking claws of elder wyrm Shin’in Raxxir. Impressed by the dead elf’s prowess, and significantly weakened, the elder wyrm withdrew on the condition that the elves let him keep a piece of Orthinus’ armour to remind the black dragons not to take the elfin warriors lightly. Nithaan conceded, and placed the remaining pieces of Orthinus’ mythril amongst hidden temples within the jungle, in case the dragons’ hunger for treasure ever made Shin’in wish to ‘complete the set’.

Antares (gun/crossbow): There is a tale of the Black Bell Tower Smith, who devised mechanic devices and contraptions within his clocktower home. His experiments eventually led to an explosion that destroyed his town, but some say his last creation might’ve survived the blast. This town has long been removed from any maps, but rumours say the charred remains of the village lay somewhere on the slopes of Gazaghet.


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