Built upon an oasis in the middle of the Dune Sea, Avesta is the home to the PCs. A gathering of nomadic tribes has created an intriguing, almost secretive society, that values friendship and loyalty. Trade flows through, caravans bringing wondrous merchandise that keeps the streets bustling.

Surrounded by the fierce desert, many residents are eager to explore the wilderness and uncover lost artefacts and hunt the many threatening beasts, both for profit and to protect the livelihood of Avesta. The presence of four Bloodlines within Avesta has encouraged the attentions of evil intentions, both man and beast, in the past, and will no doubt do so again.


Think bazaars, sandstone buildings, oil lamps, tapestries, heavy cloaks, tanned skin and boisterous and mysterious.

1. Prayer Obelisk – major meeting place of the community for communication and prayer.

2. Cathedral of the Sacred Flame – temple the holds the mystical light of reason and truth. Doubles as court and training for law enforcement (think templars!)

3. Halls of the Tir Bloodline – you can see the opening in the cliff

4. Grazing Plains

5. Agriculture – crops, orchids, etc

6. Quarry – I don’t want to say what kind of rocks, because Adrian will make Erin tell me how impossible it would be for whatever I say to exist

7. South Lake Market – basically where all the farmers bring their products to sell. Lower quality artisans also ply their wares here.

8. Dais of Asha Vahista – floating above the Sacred Flame are the cloisters of the Sarosh Bloodline.

9. Evergarden – spanning the canal that joins the lake, the Vahman live within their ethereal garden, made private by natural walls that surround it.

10. Stables – where most of the horses are trained for riding and sold/kept

11. Spire of the Kshathra – towering spire that houses the Kshathra Bloodline.

Oasis in the middle obviously, with the bulk of agricultural work happening in the south (green bits) made possible through irrigation of the south lake’s water.

The cliff/plateau thing in the east has gazing plains on top of it (horses, cattle, other stuff to kill and eat), with a quarry below supplying most of the material for masons.

Brown lines that snake around the city are to give an idea of the major roads. Note the three main roads out of Avesta, leading off to Gazaghet (NW), Luca (NE-E) and Nithaan (SW). Most of the inns are situated around these paths.

The thin brown lines that lie outside the city are a rough guide to walls and fortifications. While conflict does obviously exist in this world, Avesta doesn’t really have a full 360 degree wall, but there are barriers erected around places that do have something worth protecting (such as the grazing plains, the temple of the Sacred Flame, and the tower of the Kshathra).

The city of Avesta is divided into a system of ‘wards’, that each have a distinct feel.

Shemesh Ward – Sun’s Welcome

Kerfegar Ward – Place of Good Works

Parvaraa Ward – Great Provider

Bokhtaar Ward – Freedom and Progress

Jamaga Ward – Ancient Cause

Varoon Ward – Protector from Evil


Avesta Ainsoph