Vishtasp’s Glory

King Vishtasp

King Vishtasp built the city of Ayadgar, dedicating its creation to the “pure religion of the Mazda-worshippers”, the faith that predated Zoroastrianism. Blessed by Ahura Vairya’s wisdom, the city flourished under Vishtasp’s rule.

Pilgrims would seek out the temple-city for guidance and education of their faith. As close disciples of the Creator, Vishtasp and his minister Pahlavi, would pose questions and answers that made accounts of the history of Ahura’s divine creations.


The Legend of Ayardgar-i Zariran


Royal Gardens of Ab-Zohr

Gathas’ Passage

Arda Viraf – Heaven’s Stair

Ormazd’s Sanctum


Avesta Ainsoph