The Bloodlines of Zoroaster are seperate Houses, each aligned to a specific Amesha Spenta. The influences of their divine heritage are obvious in their individual abilities and racial birthrights.

There are four bloodline Houses that now inhabit Avesta, after the prophet Zoroaster gathered their disparate clans together to aid the creation and settlement of the oasis city:

Bloodline of Sarosh

Bloodline of Tir

Bloodline of Kshathra

Bloodline of Vahman

There is a controversial opinion that the race of Elves are in-fact a ‘diluted’ bloodline of Vohu Manah, who have lost their ability to shapeshift into the aspects of the totem animals they revere. That the elves ever had that ability however, is sheer academic speculation.

Rumours also abound on the creation of the Halfling race, but no-one seems to be able to keep a straight face when they consider the possibility of them being aligned to the bloodline of Kordad.


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