Ward of Freedom and Progress

Sattar Mu’izz – The Protectors of Might and Glory

(Bokhtaar Ward, just west of the Vahman Garden Palace)

Avesta’s warrior’s guild, where all those trained in martial arts come to meet, spar and exchange war stories. A multi-storied bastion of stone and iron, it radiates an air of exclusivity, for those that enter may have to prove their right to do so. The building shapes itself around an arena that is sometimes opened for the public during festivals to display feats or strength, endurance, skill and technique.

Aamasht (Tir bloodline mid-level paragon fighter, pit fighter) , or ‘Nine-Paces’ as he is often called, is the respected leader-of-sorts of the Sattar Mu’izz. Those old enough to have witnessed his skill with the glaive secretly hope for a time when it might be seen again.

Outer walls of the Bokhtaar Ward.

Khavaar – Tavern

Across from the Sattar Mu’izz, this tavern allows what the warrior’s guild does not: heavy drinking, rowdy behaviour and pleasures for the mind and body. Most of this behaviour is contained within the tavern’s walls, for the proprietors make sure the patrons are aware that should any risk to the building and it’s ability to operate will be visited ten-fold back upon the person who inflicted it.

Bokhtaar Square


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