So, this is kind of a brief, candid rough idea of what’s happened in the past. I didn’t want to inundate you with useless information, and as the campaign creeps on, I’ll probably just add something in the past to justify an adventure hook, or a magic item, or whatever. Yay.

Two hundred or so years ago –

Dragonborn civil war starts raging, lots of faces are bitten. A few get sick and tired of it, and go build a monastery. The others kinda just kill each other. Some of the monks get sick and tired of being monks, so go wandering.

A little less than two hundred years ago –

Zoroaster has a conversation with Ahura Vairya, thinks that gettin people together is a pretty good idea. Lucky guy finds a bunch of interesting people (those blessed by the Amesha Spenta) and convinces everyone to get along… kinda.

No one objects to living around an oasis in the middle of the desert, so the city of Avesta is founded.

Zoroaster finishes carving his teachings into the prayer obelisk, and as he draws his last breath, stands across the oasis and self-immolates, becoming the Sacred Flame. Onlookers are suitably impressed.

Couple generations ago –

Trade is booming after other people realise they don’t have to go through the desert in one trip. People do what people do, and find ways to make others miserable. Order of the Sacred Flame tries to keep it in check, basically everything’s going hunky dory. Avesta has good relations with Luca, Gazaghet and Nithaan. Avestans start to go back into the desert to have a quick squiz at what’s lying around after Zoroaster kinda just relocated everyone.

Couple of years back – The bloodlines are a source of intrigue and jealousy amongst people, both in Avesta and other cities. A prince of the Viera (elves) requests, in a kinda demanding way, that he should get to wed one of the Vhaman to ‘improve relations’. Most people think he’s a perv who just wants an awesome baby.

One night, a young girl from the Vahman is kidnapped from the garden palace, and a dark figure dances across the oasis in flight. Pursuers pursue, and the kidnapper tries to take a shortcut through the hall of the Sacred Flame. A young servant of the Flame stops the kidnapper and somehow shoves the kidnapper, and unfortunately the young Vahman girl along with it, into the Sacred Flame. Burning ensues. Epic.

Viera prince has a hissy fit, claiming the Vahman’s assassinated one of his retainers, ignoring the fact that the retainer was in the process of stealing children. People try to tell him to shut up, in a diplomatic way. Angryness ensues. Viera prince demands the young child who immolated the retainer be executed in the same matter, to which the Order of the Sacred Flame begrudgingly agrees. The young acolyte is Ignis, and she steps through the flame as ‘punishment’ to appease the Viera prince. Funny thing is though, she walks right back out the otherside. (LULZ)

Prince gets pissed off and runs back home, causes trouble, and the other Vieras kinda had enough of it, and exiles him and his retinue. Prince says some words of revenge, no one listens.

Present day – Everyone’s chillin it sweet, and it’s time for the PCs to kick ass, coz there ain’t any bubblegum.


Avesta Ainsoph