Nur Illahi – Cathedral of the Sacred Flame

DIVINE LIGHT – celestial radiance perceived by the third eye, eternal effulgence within all beings brighter than the Sun, realized by turning away from the physical senses and looking within and whose mystical union confers truth, consciousness and bliss.

Abu Ma’shar – The Arcane Akademy

The spinning spires of the Abu Ma’shar have long been the enclave of arcane teachings and astrological observation of Avesta. Twelve twirling towers extend upwards into the sky, rotating the perimeter of the central dome where the Magi plot the courses of astral bodies, and divine the course of the fates.

Unseen arcane mechanisms flow underneath the outer ring-wall of the akademy, rotating the entire structure, spires and all, in time to the movements of the celestial bodies above, completing one full rotation each day. Each spire is dedicated to one of the astroligical aspects that inhabit the Zoroastrian zodiac. It is not uncommon for newborn babies to be taken to the tower of their birth for a diviner to perform a reading that will bring insight into the child’s destiny.

The central dome is punctuated by a massive telescope; an extended cylinder of endless lenses, mirrors and magical energies. The planetarium extends underneath, an enchanted mural spatters the ceiling that shows the moving skies as if the roof were open. Spinning instruments, centrifuges, globes and clocks are in perpetual motion as the magi go about their studies.

Any adventurers with arcane powers are most likely to have been educated within the rotating walls of the akademy, and many continue to remain in touch with their mentors and teachers well after they have left.


Avesta Ainsoph