Almost wiped out centuries ago through civil war and infighting brought about by their aggressive and frenzied nature. Survivors of the near extinction secluded themselves within the mountains, constructing monastery walls to keep the world out while they looked inward, in search of self discipline and peace.

Monastic life wasn’t for all however and old habits die hard. As the race stabilised, many began to leave the monastery walls and settle further down the mountainside, and eventually adventure further afield. The dragonborn are constantly at war with their own primal desires and instincts, hungry for battle and chances to prove their power. The monastic doctrine employed by some dragonborn may be seen as a perversion of Zoroastrian free will, but the monks argue that such freedom in the past led to the chaos of the race’s near destruction, and there must be some control placed upon a being’s actions.

It was one of the first wanderers that left the monasteries of Gazaghet that Zoroaster came into contact, and welcomed as one of the bloodline creators of Avesta. As such, a dragonborn PC may choose to be from the Kshathra bloodline, or from the monasteries or surrounding settlements of Gazaghet.

Bloodline of Kshathra

The dragonborn are taken for granted as an additional, almost private, military force within Avesta. The restlessness of the bloodline creates many adventurers who explore the surrounding Dune Sea, bringing them into contact with the numerous beasts, often resulting in a few less threats to the walls of Avesta. For this reason, despite the frightening appearance of the bloodline, most residents are happy to let the Kshathra be.

Many skilled artificiers work within the walls of the bloodline’s towering spire, crafting armory and items of utility for domestic use and trade. The bloodline is largely individualistic, not often grouping together and more intent to live a seperate existence from their brethren. This no doubt helps the idea that they are not a threat to the average Avestan, for the sight of a band of dragonborn would cause quite a scare.


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