Children of the Sarosh bloodline take after their blessed Spenta, the horned drake. The power of fire burns within them, and with it the power of deception. While a fire is meant to cleanse and purify intentions and show the truth, the Sarosh hold a special power to control the nature of fire and thus the ability to twist and deceive. Many are suspicious of the Sarosh, but because they are so obviously blessed by an Amesha Spenta, they are tolerated as part of Ahur Vairya’s great creation.

Bloodline of Sarosh

The children of Asha Vahista are arcane inquisitors, seeking to pierce the laws of the world and discover the secrets of the intangible. For this reason they may seem detatched, rude and uncompromising, for their view of the material are but a part of their greater perception and understanding, almost looking down on the ‘common’ folk as mere half-breeds that are missing something in their beings. This attitude is certainly enforced by their estates, floating platforms constructed from red gold and black iron held aloft by arcane winds above the Sacred Flame.

Their affinity and understanding of fire is often accused of being abused, through manipulation of a symbol of truth the Sarosh might hide dark intentions and get their own way. So far there have been no serious incidents, but the wider community are begrudingly tolerant of the bloodline, a suspicious group that has done more good than harm for the city of Avesta…. so far.


Avesta Ainsoph