Born from the earth, the Tir bloodline are the essential dwarves of Ahura Vairya’s world. While humanoid, they are not the short, stocky caricature race of normal D&D fluff. Dour and stoic, indomitable and strong, the blessing of Zam has created a bloodline of sharp-jawed, thick-browed, broad lineage.

The Tir bloodline has burrowed themselves into the earth, the only visible entrance being a carved gateway in a cliff, hidin all their secrets within.

Bloodline of Tir

The disciples of Zam inhabit a small city that is carved into the cliffs that border eastern Avesta. Dour and stoic, their interaction with the citizenship are slow but purposeful. The depths of their excavation are unknown, but from their halls come wondrous innovations as they experiment with the geological materials of the earth; gems, oil, salt, rocks…all forms of alchemy and stonework have strong roots in the discoveries of the Tir. The mentality of the Tir is strength through combination, construction and reinforcement.


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