The Vahman bloodline is commonly attributed to the creation of the Avesta oasis. In the middle of a barren wasteland, plantlife thrives around the isolated lake, a boon of Ameretat, a precious jewel of nature at the eye of a harsh, deadly land. The fey qualities of the bloodline, their abilities that seem to bend space upon itself, is used as one explanation to the oasis’ existence; that the Vahmans were able to teleport a great lake to the middle of the desert. Others imagine that the bloodline’s affinity with nature allowed them to speak to the earth and coax it into spilling forth waters from beneath the surface.

Whatever the reason, the Vahman bloodline are otherworldly, and through communing with nature, are privy to the history and secrets of the world. This is perhaps the real reason behind their wondrous powers, that through their knowledge, they are able to exploit the environment around them.

Bloodline of Vahman

The flowers of Ameretat are willing participants in the cultivation of Avesta’s agriculture and environment. The aid which they boon upon the farmers and woodworkers of the city has helped the oasis remain sustainable and unexploited. Almost as a shining example of what is possible through their knowledge, the garden palace that houses the bloodline provides beauty and fragrance, while keeping the mysteries of their power hidden behind entwined boughs and roots.

The Vahman are civil and helpful, elegant with great poise. They seem to dance between two realms, and some hypothesise that they do indeed exist in the material and etheral planes simultaneously. Because of this, there are often tensions between the Vahman and Sarosh, the latter wishing to obtain their own specimen for closer inspection.

The Evergarden


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