A bazaar in the wealthy, illustrious ward of Varoon.

Via Purifica

An underground waterway running deep beneath the northern wards of Avesta. Built and rebuilt over the centuries, no one alive knows all of its labyrinthine ways. Some are said to lead even to the Spire of Kshathra. Constructed by House Kshathra to provide flowing water to the towers, spires and mansion estates of the affluent Varoon Ward, the maze of aqueducts, reservoirs and underground rivers is hewn into the deep rock, the walls and small, isolated shrines covered with beautiful and esoteric depictions of the miner’s worship for the World Dragon.

There is a tunnel leading down to the waterway in west Shemesh, but they are normally barred to keep unwelcome visitors down in the sewers where they belong.

The Crisis Gate, deep within the Via Purifica.


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